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Our Research Team

Our goal is to understand, predict, and respond to human-caused and natural environmental change at local to global scales. Scientists in our team are working across a broad range of agroecosystem-environment interaction, water management, environmental, and climate system disciplines. 

The Team

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Dr. Ali Mirchi

Assistant Professor

Water Resources Engr.

Oklahoma State University, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, 219 Ag Hall, Stillwater, OK, 74078, United States

Dr. Ali Mirchi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Dr. Mirchi's research focuses on water resources planning and management, hydrologic engineering, and systems modeling to inform resource management frameworks, and derive policy insights that promote sustainability. He applies systems thinking, systems analysis techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), simulation, and optimization modeling to advance understanding of coupled human-natural systems at different scales.


Arfan Arshad

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)

Ph.D. (Water Resources Engineering)

Dept. of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA

My main area of expertise is in Spatial Analysis, Surface and Sub-surface Catchment Hydrology. I am mainly working by incorporating different data streams such as ground-based data, re-analysis, and remote sensing datasets in hydrology, water resources management, and the climate system to promote sustainable water, climate& agriculture policies in Indus Basin. Besides, focusing on hydro-metrological droughts/floods characteristics associated with anthropogenic and natural conditions, and improve understanding of agroecosystem-environment interaction.

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Farhan Saleem

Research Associate

Ph.D. (Atmospheric Physics& Meteorology)

Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

His main area of expertise is in the Detection and Attribution of Climate Change Extremes (i.e., Heatwaves, Droughts, and Extreme Rainfall events). He is working further to investigate the role of large-scale climate drivers and changes in extreme climate and weather events, possible cycles, precursors, and associated mechanisms. 


Adil Dilawar

Research Associate

Ph.D. (Physical Geography and Remote Sensing)

Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing , China

He is working on Micro-Climate modeling using the WRF4.0 model. Besides, focusing on variation in the thermal environment, climate extremes, and hydrology, in response to land cover dynamics and Anthropocene's.

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Dr. Quoc B. Pham

Assistant professor

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Silesia in Katowice, Będzińska street 60, 41-200, Sosnowiec, Poland

His research interests are water resources engineering, applied machine learning, climate change, hydrology, remote sensing, GIS and spatial analysis. He has collaborated actively with many international researchers in several other disciplines of engineering. He has published more than 80 SCI/SCIE research papers and is a reviewer of more than 20 SCI/SCIE journals. He is also a guest editor of some SCI/SCIE journals in the field of water resources, remote sensing and machine learning.


Shoaib Ali

Ph.D. (Groundwater Resources and Hydrology)

School of Water Conservancy & Civil Engineering, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

His research interests are groundwater hydrology and engineering, applied machine learning techniques, the impact of climate change, precipitation, remote sensing, spatial analysis, and GIS. He is working by incorporating data from different sources like ground-based data, Global Hydrological Models (GHMs) analysis data, and datasets from remote sensing in groundwater hydrology to promote groundwater sustainability, and the impact of climate change in the Indus Basin. In addition, concentrating on groundwater and hydro-metrological droughts/floods characteristics associated with climatic factors.


Dr.-Ing. Muhammad Shafeeque

Postdoctoral Researcher

Climate Lab, Institute of Geography, University of Bremen, Germany

Dr. Shafeeque is working in Glacio-hydrological Modeling, Climate change modeling, Applications of remote sensing in water resources research.


Dr. JinPing LIU 

Assistant Professor

College of Surving and Geo-informatics, North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power,  450046 Zhengzhou, China

His main research activities encompass Remote Sensing(RS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing of Cryosphere(RSC), Remote Sensing of Vegetation(RSV), Climate Change and Hydrological Modelling.


Faisal Mumtaz

Research Associate

(Ph.D. (Cartography and GIS)

State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science,

Aerospace Information Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences (AIRCAS),

Beijing, China

His main area of expertise is Urban and Infrared Remote Sensing. Focusing mainly on Urban Heat Islands (UHI); Urban climate; Urban thermal environmental effects, human settlements; Spatio-temporal analysis, Land Use Land Cover Transitions, Vegetation dynamics, Vegetation Phenology, Biomass, and Carbon Emission by using modeling approaches, GIS, and remote sensing.


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