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I have actively participated in several SCI/SCIE research publications in remote sensing, agriculture, water, and environment-related fields

Book Chapters
  1. Ishfaq Gujree, Fan Zhang, Gohar Meraj, Majid Farooq, Muhammad Muslim and Arfan Arshad. 2022. Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) for Simulating the Sediment and Water Yield of Alpine Catchments – A Brief Review. Doi.  10.1201/9781003147107-3. In book: Geospatial Modeling for Environmental Management: Case Studies from South Asia, ISBN: 9780367702892Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. 
SCI/SCIE Journal Papers 
Under review articles (2023):
  1. Arfan Arshad, Ali Mirchi, Saleh Taghvaeian, Amir AghaKouchak. 2023.  Quantifying anthropogenic and climate-induced water storage trends in different catchments of the Indus Basin: Evidence from downscaled-GRACE data. Water Resources Research. [Under Review: Submission ID: 2023WR035882].
  2. Ayele Fenta, Atsushi Tsunekawa, Nigussie Haregeweyn, Hiroshi Yasuda, …, Arfan Arshad. 2023. An Integrated Modeling Approach for Estimating Monthly Global Rainfall Erosivity. Earth Future [Under Review: 2023EF003881]
Published articles (2017-2023)
  1. Arfan Arshad, A.M.; Perez, J.V.; Akbar, M.U.; Madani, K. Reconstructing high-resolution groundwater level data using a hybrid random forest model to quantify distributed groundwater changes in the Indus Basin. J. Hydrol. 2023, 628, 130535 
  2. Raheem, A.; Ahmad, I.; Arshad, A.; Liu, J.; Rehman, Z.U.; Shafeeque, M.; Rahman, M.M.; Saifullah, M.; Iqbal, U. Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Dynamics and Management Strategies for the Sustainable Groundwater Development inWater-Scarce Agricultural Region of Punjab, Pakistan. Water 2024, 16, 34.
  3. Faisal Mumtaz, Jing Li, Qinhuo Liu, Arfan Arshad, Yadong Dong, Chang Liu, Jing Zhao, Barjeece Bashir Chenpeng Gu, Wang Xiaohan and Hu Zhang. 2023. Spatio-temporal dynamics of land use transitions associated with human activities over Eurasian Steppe: Evidence from improved residual analysis. Science of The Total Environment, p.166940.
  4. Quang‑Oai Lu, Kourosh Ahmadi, Shirin Mahmoodi, Ayoob Karami4, Ismail Elkhrachy, Ismail Mondal, Arfan Arshad, Trinh Trong Nguyen, Nguyen Thuy Lan Chi, Van Nam Thai. 2023. Hybrid regularization and weighted subspace algorithms with random forest model for assessing piping erosion in a semi-arid ecosystem. Environ Earth Sci 82, 527 (2023).
  5. Shafeeque, M., Hafeez, M., Sarwar, A., Arshad, A., Khurshid, T., Asim, M.I., Ali, S. and Dilawar, A., 2023. Quantifying future water-saving potential under climate change and groundwater recharge scenarios in Lower Chenab Canal, Indus River Basin. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, pp.1-18.
  6. Ali S, Khorrami B, Jehanzaib M, Tariq A, Ajmal M, Arshad A, Shafeeque M, Dilawar A, Basit I, Zhang L, Sadri S, Niaz MA, Jamil A, Khan SN. Spatial Downscaling of GRACE Data Based on XGBoost Model for Improved Understanding of Hydrological Droughts in the Indus Basin Irrigation System (IBIS). Remote Sensing. 2023; 15(4):873.
  7. Dilawar, A., Chen, B., Ul-Haq, Z., Amir, M., Arshad, A., Hassan, M., Guo, M., Shafeeque, M., Fang, J., Song, B. and Zhang, H., 2023. Investigating the Potential Climatic Effects of Atmospheric Pollution across China under the National Clean Air Action Plan. Remote Sensing, 15(8), p.2084.
  8. Ren, Yanqun, Jinping Liu, Tongchang Zhang, Masoud Jafari Shalamzari, Arfan Arshad, Tie Liu, Patrick Willems, Huiran Gao, Hui Tao, and Tingli Wang. 2023. "Identification and Analysis of Heatwave Events Considering Temporal Continuity and Spatial Dynamics" Remote Sensing 15, no. 5: 1369.
  9. Rabeea N1, Arshad A1,*, Shafeeque M, Liu J, Baig A, Ali S, Maqsood A, Pham QB, Dilawar A, Khan SN, Anh DT, Elbeltagi A. Combining APHRODITE Rain Gauges-Based Precipitation with Downscaled-TRMM Data to Translate High-Resolution Precipitation Estimates in the Indus Basin. Remote Sensing. 2023; 15(2):318.
  10. Mumtaz F, Li J, Liu Q, Tariq A, Arshad A, Dong Y, Zhao J, Bashir B, Zhang H, Gu C, Liu C. Impacts of Green Fraction Changes on Surface Temperature and Carbon Emissions: Comparison under Forestation and Urbanization Reshaping Scenarios. Remote Sensing. 2023; 15(3):859.
  11. Muhammad Shafeeque, Yi Luo, Arfan Arshad, Sher Muhammad, Muhammad Ashraf, Quoc Bao Pham. 2022. Assessment of climate change impacts on glacio-hydrological processes and their variations within critical zone. Natural Hazards.
  12. Arshad, Arfan, Ali Mirchi, Maryam Samimi, and Bashir Ahmad. "Combining downscaled-GRACE data with SWAT to improve the estimation of groundwater storage and depletion variations in the irrigated Indus basin." Science of the Total Environment (2022): 156044.
  13. Ali, S., Liu, D., Fu, Q., Cheema, M.J.M., Pal, S.C., Arshad, A., Pham, Q.B. and Zhang, L., 2022. Constructing high-resolution groundwater drought at spatio-temporal scale using GRACE satellite data based on machine learning in the Indus Basin. Journal of Hydrology, 612, p.128295.
  14. Saleem, F.; Arshad, A.; Mirchi, A.; Khaliq, T.; Zeng, X.; Rahman, M.M.; Dilawar, A.; Pham, Q.B.; Mahmood, K. Observed Changes in Crop Yield Associated with Droughts Propagation via Natural and Human-Disturbed Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan. Remote Sens. 2022, 14, 2152. https://
  15. Aslam, R.A., Shrestha, S., Usman, M.N., Khan, S.N., Ali, S., Sharif, M.S., Sarwar, M.W., Saddique, N., Sarwar, A., Ali, M.U. and Arshad, A., 2022. Integrated SWAT-MODFLOW Modeling-Based Groundwater Adaptation Policy Guidelines for Lahore, Pakistan under Projected Climate Change, and Human Development Scenarios. Atmosphere, 13(12), p.2001.
  16. Ullah, A.S., Rashid, H., Khan, S.N., Akbar, M.U., Arshad, Arfan., Rahman, M.M. and Mustafa, S., 2022. A Localized Assessment of Groundwater Quality Status Using GIS-Based Water Quality Index in Industrial Zone of Faisalabad, Pakistan. Water, 14(20), p.3342.
  17. Rahman, Md M., Wang Shuo, Weixiong Zhao, Xuezhe Xu, Weijun Zhang, and Arfan Arshad. 2022. "Investigating the Relationship between Air Pollutants and Meteorological Parameters Using Satellite Data over Bangladesh" Remote Sensing 14, no. 12: 2757.
  18. Gujree, I.; Ahmad, I.; Zhang, F.; Arshad, A. Innovative Trend Analysis of High-Altitude Climatology of Kashmir Valley, North-West Himalayas. Atmosphere 2022, 13, 764.
  19. Ren, Y.; Liu, J.; Shalamzari, M.J.; Arshad, A.; Liu, S.; Liu, T.; Tao, H. Monitoring Recent Changes in Drought and Wetness in the Source Region of the Yellow River Basin, China. Water 2022, 14(6), 861;
  20. Muhammad Umar, Shahbaz Nasir Khan,*, Arfan Arshad, Rana Ammar Aslam, Hafiz Muhammad Safdar Khan, Haroon Rashid, Quoc Bao Pham, Abdul Nasir, Rabeea Noor, Khaled Mohamed Khedher, Duong Tran Anh. 2022. Combining SWAT simulated recharge with DRASTIC to quantify aquifer vulnerability to pollution towards sustainable groundwater management in Irrigated Indus Basin. Environmental Sciences and Pollution Research. Doi: 10.1007/s11356-021-17882-9
  21. Ahmad Elbeltagi, Navsal  Kumar, Abhishish Chandel, Arfan Arshad, Chaitanya B. Pande, Abu Reza Md. Towfiqul Islam. 2022. Modelling the reference crop evapotranspiration in the Beas-Sutlej basin (India): an artificial neural network approach based on different combinations of meteorological data. Environ Monit Assess 194, 141 (2022). DOI: 10.1007/s10661-022-09812-0

  22. Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Arshad, Saddam Hussain, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Bilal Zahid,Jaffer Sattar, Arfan Arshad, Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal and Muhammad Sohail Waqas. 2021. An integrated approach for estimation of van genuchten model parameters in undisturbed and unsaturated soils. Pak. J. Agri. Sci., Vol. 58(6),1895-1901.
  23. Sarwar, Abid, R. Troy Peters, Muhammad Shafeeque, Abdelmoneim Mohamed, Arfan Arshad, Ikram Ullah, Naeem Saddique, Muhammad Muzammil, and Rana Ammar Aslam. "Accurate measurement of wind drift and evaporation losses could improve water application efficiency of sprinkler irrigation systems− A comparison of measuring techniques." Agricultural Water Management 258 (2021): 107209. Available here: ​10.1016/j.agwat.2021.107209 
  24. Elbeltagi, Ahmed, Nasrin Azad, Arfan Arshad, Safwan Mohammed, Ali Mokhtar, Chaitanya Pande, Hadi Ramezani Etedali, Shakeel Ahmad Bhat, Abu Reza Md Towfiqul Islam, and Jinsong Deng. "Applications of Gaussian process regression for predicting blue water footprint: A case study in Ad Daqahliyah, Egypt." Agricultural Water Management 255 (2021): 107052.Available here: 10.1016/j.agwat.2021.107052
  25. Faisal Mumtaz1, Arfan Arshad1, Ali Mirchi, Aqil Tariq, Adil Dilawar, Saddam Hussain, Shuaiyi Shi et al. "Impacts of reduced deposition of atmospheric nitrogen on coastal marine eco-system during substantial shift in human activities in the twenty-first century." Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 12, no. 1 (2021): 2023-2047. Available here: 10.1080/19475705.2021.1949396
  26. Dilawar, Adil, Baozhang Chen, Lifeng Guo, Shuan Liu, Muhammad Shafeeque, Arfan Arshad, Yawar Hussain et al. "Evaluation the WRF Model with Different Land Surface Schemes: Heat Wave Event Simulations and Its Relation to Pacific Variability over Coastal Region, Karachi, Pakistan." Sustainability 13, no. 22 (2021): 12608. Available here: 10.3390/su132212608
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  34. Arshad, Arfan, Saddam Hussain, Farhan Saleem, Muhammad Shafeeque, Shahbaz Nasir Khan, and Muhammad Sohail Waqas. "Unprecedented reduction in airborne aerosol particles and nitrogen dioxide level in response to COVID-19 pandemic lockdown over the Indo-Pak region." Earth and Space Science Open Archive ESSOAr (2020). Available here: 10.1002/essoar.10503543.1
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  37. Arfan Arshad, Chuanrong Zhang, Saddam Hussain, and Weidong Li. "Unprecedented temporary reduction in global air pollution associated with COVID-19 forced confinement: A continental and city-scale analysis." Remote Sensing 12, no. 15 (2020): 2420.Available here: 10.3390/rs12152420
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  43. Arshad Arfan, Sensor-Based Irrigation System for Improving Water Productivity: A Critical Need for Adaption in Pakistan. DOI: 10.23880/OAJAR-16000157

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